MPAC-WNY 2020 Mini-Grants

The Covid-19 Pandemic affected us all, individually, collectively and organizationally.  MPAC-WNY was no exception. Several marquee events were either cancelled or changed. Annual Banquet, Millennial Awards, Tent & Walk of Abraham, M-RAISE Program and several other programs were shelved and replaced with alternative programs, rolled out for the benefit of the community at the local and national level.

One of the most meaningful initiatives adopted at local level was “MPAC-WNY 2020 Mini-Grants”. The leadership unanimously approved this initiative to help our community to cope up with the pandemic. A significant percentage of MPAC-WNY savings was set aside to undertake this community assistance program.

A steering committee, composed of community members, thoroughly discussed the application process, procedure for selection and the timeline for the purpose. While a number of community members participated in the process, the following were designated as ‘judges and evaluators’ to recommend final grant winners:

Daniel Leong, Karen Society of Buffalo, with Grant Check & 500 Face Masks at MPAC-WNY Office

Haj Dawoud Adeyola,  April Arman,  Juweria Dahir,  Abdirehman Farah,  Husam Ghanim,  Syed T. Haider,  Gamileh Jamil,  Fuad Sheriff and Sana Zubairi

The community kept abreast of the various stages of the program and the process through several e-mails sent during the month of Ramadan. In keeping with the spirit of the special month and, given the unprecedented circumstances and hardships from the pandemic faced by so many, MPAC-WNY offered Mini-Grants to our houses of worship and organizations to help, in a small way, during this crisis. The grants were disbursed prior to Eid-ul-Fitr.

This is yet another way for MPAC-WNY to show full commitment to our community.

All area Mosques and regional Muslim organizations received the information and invited to submit applications. Only some chose to apply for the grants. The applications were distributed to our interfaith partners as well. The following were the final recipients of the grants:

  • Buffalo Islamic Community Center (Masjid Bilal)
  • Buffalo Nomads
  • Helping Ensure Africa Looms (HEAL International)
  • Islamic Cultural Association of WNY
  • Jaffarya Center of Niagara Frontier
  • Karen Society of Buffalo
  • Network of Religious Community Food Pantry
  • Riverside-Salem United Church (Grand Island) Environmental Cottage
  • Universal School
  • Unitarian Universalist Church of Amherst Food Pantry
  • West Minister Economic Development Inc.
  • Western New York Youth Muslim basketball League (WNY YMBL)

A total amount of $ 25, 778.78 was disbursed to the above organizations. This included

3, 000 face masks, valued at $ 6, 000.00 and cash amount of $ 19, 778.78

Thank you, Bayram Arman & UFC Biotechnology Inc., for proving Face Masks for community distribution

We would like to take this opportunity to convey our appreciation and thanks to all those who participated in any way to make this initiative a success for MPAC-WNY. Our special appreciation to our donors who made this initiative possible.

Thank you, Bayram Arman & UFC Biotechnology Inc., for proving Face Masks for community distributionMay Allah (SWT) reward you all for your dedication, devotion and sacrifices. Ameen

Respectfully Submitted

Khalid J. Qazi